Chengdu Metro Ceiling Metal Mesh

To meet the needs of more styling design, it is not only lightweight, but also highly shaped. It Provides high-efficiency construction convenience, and a stable structure, more variety of lamps and ornaments. It is also the material of choice for industrial-style architectural decoration in recent years.

The use of JUNEN ceiling metal mesh has the characteristics of being suitable for maintenance, which allows centralized planning of pipelines, decoration of pipelines of construction equipment, balances the visual effect of the space, allows the interior lighting and lighting arrangements to be more diverse, makes the vision rich in simple line design, and enhances the interior space Sense, to achieve the best extended feeling of interior design, present a comfortable space experience.

Location: Chengdu, China

Material: Aluminum

Product Size: 1.5 T X 3 W X 16 SW X 38 LW

Application: Celing