Design & Development

The essence of each JUNEN Metal Mesh and Machinery system lies in its extensive design. In order to guarantee a perfect quality and easy installation for your project. Our extensive design and development process is defined by the following elements carefully selected materials, structured strength design, exceptional welding technique, and dedication as well as professionalism of our engineering team.
Diverse Range of Properties

Expanded metal mesh has a diverse range of properties, which makes it a versatile material that can be used across many different sectors and environments.

Expanded metal mesh products are used in numerous applications in sectors including construction, filtration, automotive, aerospace, architecture, agriculture, acoustics, manufacturing, engineering and security.

We have seen expanded metal mesh products used in everything from Hollywood film sets to "Grand Designs" houses, iconic shopping centres and even sculptures.

Best Partner

Ju-nen is the best partner for your metal mesh related business, looking forward to working with you to create the most prosperous future.