Razor Barbed Tape Wire

Razor barbed tape wire  is a highly developed form of the traditional barbed wire.

It is a blocking device formed by the combination of sharp pointed steel sheets and high-tensile wire. It is the most common barrier material. Fence barriers with galvanized metal strips and galvanized core steel wires with sharp edges are designed to prevent vandals and unauthorized intruders from entering the site. The spatula barbed wire is roughly divided into two types: linear type and snake-belly type (concertina razor wire), which are designed and constructed as required. Scraper gill nets can be widely used in military heavy areas, prisons, detention centers, government agencies, and mobile refusal to prevent riots. Use with barbed wire for better defense.



  • Material: Steel, galvanized
  • Application range: Security guards, security facilities, pedestrian barriers, railings, blocking of confidential facilities, fences... etc.
  • Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized.
  • Scope of application: architectural modeling, outdoor shading, interior decoration, railings, fences, green walls, facades...etc
Glossary of Razor barbed tape wire


Razor Barbed Tape Wire, Concertina Razor Wire

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