Angle Bead & Plaster Stop Bead Machine

 JUNEN angle bead and plaster stop bead machine can make three types of finished products in one machine: Angle bead, architrave bead and Plaster stop bead. We also supply full production line including the following equipment: Expanded Main Machine, Profiling Machine, Collecting table, Decoiler, Profiling roller.

Mesh Specifications
  •  Speed: Max. 520 Strokes Per Minute (G.I)
  • Thickness: Max.0.3~0.5 mm (G.I.)
  • Angle Bead - Max. 70mm Mesh Wing
  • Plaster Stop - 10, 13, 16 & 19mm Plaster Height
Machine Video

Angle bead & Plaster Stop Machine - "APM - 1025"
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