Perforated Mesh

Perforated metal mesh is made of metal plate as raw material, using a special perforated mesh machine to punch into different shapes such as round, square, rectangular or quincunx. Perforated mesh also adds structural integrity to stairwells, sidewalks or mezzanine structures, while providing an aesthetic appearance that complements multiple styles. Compared with other metal meshes, perforated metal meshes are stronger and cleaner, so from a practical and architectural perspective, they are both excellent choices.

Mesh Specifications
  • Common types of perforated nets: Round holes, rectangular holes, square holes, cross holes, etc. *The special shape is mainly based on the mold in the factory
  • Opening size: It is generally recommended that the diameter of the perforation on the filling panel should not be less than the thickness of the material. For stainless steel and other high-strength materials, the metal thickness should be at least three sizes smaller than the hole diameter.
  • Opening arrangement: The circular and square perforations can be arranged in a straight line or staggered at an angle of 90°/60”/45°. The slotted openings can be arranged vertically or horizontally along the length of the board.
  • Available materials: stainless steel iron galvanized aluminum
  • Application range: Audio equipment, audio usually uses perforated mesh to make the speaker screen. It not only protects the audio speakers, but also the precision components of each part, but also allows the sound quality to be transmitted clearly without being affected.
  • Building use: Perforated mesh conforms to modern design elements, can be used flexibly and has a long service life, so it has been widely used in construction and decoration.
    For example, ceilings, stair side panels and treads, building exterior walls, etc.
  • Ventilation adjustment: The perforated mesh structure has high permeability, allowing air to circulate freely and achieving a constant temperature effect.
    Widely used in air diffusers, fan maintenance and air purification filters.
  • Filter: Perforated mesh is a very practical filter medium, which can be processed into various filter devices, such as perforated mesh filter tube, perforated mesh filter cartridge, and perforated mesh filter plate.
  • Noise control: The perforated mesh also has excellent sound insulation. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling to reduce the noise level and control the noise reflection, making it easier to communicate with people.
  • Product showcase: Perforated mesh can be used as a goods rack or display rack for shopping malls.
    Its advantage is that it is easy to install and disassemble, can be adjusted and arranged according to the product and space, easy to handle and light in weight.
  • Footboard/walkway: Perforated mesh has a wide range of applications on footboards/walks. The perforation arrangement and pattern on the surface provide a good anti-slip effect. The construction is convenient, economical and practical.
Mesh Specifications
  • Sturdy structure
  • Multi-purpose and universal
  • Easy to install
  • Wind resistance.
  • Easily cut to fit various uses
  • Provide a variety of materials, such as galvanized and white iron. Easily cut to fit various uses
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