Produced metal mesh is sometimes uneven or has edge of the tilt, using leveler to solute these kinds of problems.

The leveling machine also called mesh straightening machine, it is the accessory of expanded metal product line. Generally the mesh from the expanded metal is curve, so the leveling machine is used to remove the curve from the expanded metal mesh.

The Leveler machine also can be designed according to the customer's requirement, to meet your needs and have our precise reply, please inquiry with the following technical parameter.

  1. Max. straightening width for your expanded metal size.
  2. The material you want to straighten.
  3. The thickness of the material you want to Straighten.
  • Leveler: Level your metal mesh plate.
  • Improve production efficiency: The leveling machine can ensure that the metal plate mesh is stretched to achieve the leveling effect
  • Suitable for workpieces with thickness MILD / Stainless Steel: 0.4 mm-5 mm
  • Working width: 610mm -1850mm
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