Rib Lath Production Line (Hy-Rib Mesh/ Rib Mesh)

JUNEN Rib Mesh Machine Line is designed to produce expanded mesh plate which is used as a permanent material in constructed concrete. Hy-rib mesh sheet is known for the strength and rigidity as the mesh holes and ribs are profiled and finished in one continuous line. The machine line includes punching machine, roller profiling unit, piling table, and decoiler..

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Hy-Rib Mesh Production Line

  • Speed: 500 spm
  • Mesh Width: 445 mm

Rib Mesh Production Line

  • Speed: 450 stroke (per min)
  • Mesh Width: 900 mm (Max)


Machine Video

Rib Mesh Production Line

Rib Mesh Production Line (Hy-Rib Mesh/ Rib Lash)
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