Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is a multi-purpose product. ​​The metal plate such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel is slit and expanded at the same time with a JUNEN high-speed expanded metal machine to form a mesh in the shape of a diamond grid.

For extremely demanding projects, high-strength and high-toughness materials are used to create high-standard products which are perfect, forming a diamond shape, and perforated plate nets with the same size and shape rules.

The waste material will be generated during the expansion of the production process, saving a lot of material costs. Moreover, the expanded metal mesh sheet is lighter in weight and stronger in structure than the original sheet.

XG Expanded Metal Mesh
XG Expanded Metal Mesh

Complying with the international standards (CNS/JIS/BSI), Junen's XG Type is a quintessential expanded metal and is frequently used in public works worldwide because of its high standard of safety and reliability.

XS Expanded Metal Mesh
XS Expanded Metal Mesh

JUNEN XS Type is a practical and cost-effective solution that comes in all XG sizes but more lightweight. It is often used as a safeguard of windows and around the perimeter of buildings.

Micro Expanded Metal Mesh
Micro Mesh

Micro expanded metal mesh is special expanded metal with very small openings. The characteristics of micro mesh such as high conductivity, sound absorption and ability of refraction have expanded the aspects of its utilizations. The key factor of micro mesh expanded metal application is material. The most common materials of micro mesh are mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel, titanium and other alloys.

Architectural Metal Mesh, Architectural Wire Mesh Panels
Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

JUNEN Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh is specially designed to provide applications in architectural facade, decoration and curtain wall. It is not only beautiful, but also used by architects to create architectural works. It is especially suitable for the sunlight shading and ventilation.

Expanded Wire Mesh Metal Fence Panels for Security Fencing
Expanded Metal Fencing

JUNEN fencing expanded metal, strong structure has good safety and appearance, light transmittance and ventilation can be adjusted according to custom size, as early as many years ago, it has been widely used in various buildings, with different designs Creativity, providing diverse storage.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh, Filtration Metal Mesh
Filtration Metal Mesh

Junen metal mesh, which is through a fixed opening rate, and can meet the needs of various types of filtration, and supports the structure of the entire filter unit, especially suitable for filtration applications in different industrial fields, not only can save costs, but also can increase the life of the filter.
For cleanroom applications, we provide every layer from pre-filter to HEPA filter. We also specialize in functional materials like copper, titanium, and nickel for different chemical treatment purposes.

Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling
Ceiling Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal mesh is very suitable. It is used in the design of making ceiling mesh which features visual beauty and line coordination. It is an indispensable basic element of modern architecture. To meet the needs of more styling design, it is not only lightweight, but also highly shaped. It Provides high-efficiency construction convenience, and a stable structure, more variety of lamps and ornaments. It is also the material of choice for industrial-style architectural decoration in recent years.

Expanded Metal Walkway Mesh
Walkway Expanded Metal Mesh

The one-piece solid structure and relatively lightweight quality provide a relatively competitive cost, and are particularly suitable for public security applications in different industrial fields, which can not only reduce costs, but also increase the service life of the metal mesh.

Brickwork / Masonry Reinforcement Mesh
Brickwork Reinforcement Mesh

JUNEN Brick reinforcing mesh and mixed soil have good adhesion and strong tensile strength, which can prevent the cement from cracking and shock, and make the cement wall more stable.