Spiral Conveyor Belt

The LR Type Spiral Conveyor Belt uses a combination of specially developed link and straight rod, whereas the LF2 Type uses the combination with spiral mesh. Minimum curvature radius of belts of standard rod pitch 27.4 is twice the width of belts.

For this conveyor belt, which is generally used in cooking bakery products and cake baking ovens, copper coated, galvanized iron or stainless steel of 310S 314 quality durable to very high temperatures is preferred. It has a wide manufacturing range and is suitable for customer focused production. In some bread bakeries.

Material:SUS 304,SUS 316,SUS 310S,SUS 314

Glossary of Wire Conveyor Belt Terms
Spiral Conveyor Belt Designation
  1. Links are driven by the sprockets, reliable and stable running is ensured.
  2. Obe belt can be used for both straight rubbing and curve to the right or left belt
  3. Hardy-1 is used for spiral, ensuring higher wear resistance and higher tensile force.
  4. Bekt edges are automatically finished to have constant smooth surface.
  5. Pickling all welded parts and degreasing whole belt are our standing procedure.
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