Crimped Mesh

The crimped woven wire mesh has good rust resistance and durability.

Crimped wire mesh is widely used in industry and construction, for sieving grain powder, filtering liquids and gases, and for other purposes, such as safety protection devices on machinery housings. In addition, it is widely used to replace wooden slats to make walls and ceilings.

In addition, this type of woven mesh is a very flexible and malleable material. Its shape can meet precise requirements and can be trimmed to fit any structure. It is durable and performs well under high temperature and pressure. In food processing, pharmaceuticals, and recycling, it is also integrated into many household appliances, automotive filters, and used in the manufacturing process of floor coverings, particleboard, hard fiberboard and other building materials.

In an industrial environment, it has countless applications. As a precision woven product, it has the ability to maintain the precision of the pore size, and is used as a filter and screening medium for various particle/fluid/gas separation cleaning and sizing applications, providing a wide range of applications.


Mesh Specifications
  • Wire diameter: 6# – 14#
  • Mesh size: 3/8 "-2 1/2"
  線徑 6# 8# 10# 12# 14#
3/8 “          
1/2 ”        
5/8 ”    
3/4 ”    
1 ”    
1 1/4 ”    
1 1/2 ”    
2 ”      
2 1/2 ”          
  * 最大寬度兩米

Available material: galvanized, white iron 

Uses: Suitable for fences, compartments, screens, cages, concrete, and shotcrete to prevent cracking. It is the longest used type of metal mesh and the most common use.

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