In addition to providing expanded mesh manufacturing machines, JUNEN has always been committed to the development of its peripheral auxiliary equipment for the planning of the customer's overall production line, integrating the rolling and leveling needs of our global customers when producing expanded meshes. In order to reduce the cost of flattening and rolling during the production and expansion of the customer's network, and provide one-stop planning and design solutions, such as coil feeders, etc., to reduce the equipment configuration space of the entire plant.

Rolling and expanding mesh refers to the metal sheet being stretched by the expanding machine and then reduced by the cold rolling machine. In the process, the total thickness decreases. Then the sheet metal mesh is fed into the leveling machine to maintain its flatness.


The metal net after rolling is used for fencing livestock, construction, protection, decoration, etc. It can prevent children or people from touching, reducing the sharp surface and other factors that may harm the skin. The leveled metal mesh has a wider range of applications.

The leveling machine can also be designed according to customer requirements to meet your needs and get our accurate reply. Please provide the following technical parameters to JUNEN for your convenience.
  1. The straightening width of the highest dimension of the expanded net.
  2. The material you want to correct.
  3. The thickness of the Straighten material you want.
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