Metal Mesh Sheet Machinery

JUNEN machine for making metal mesh.

Due to our strong R&D team capabilities of machines and processes, JUNEN can supply a complete range of machinery , including high-speed expanded metal machine, high-speed perforated metal machine, brick reinforcing mesh machine, angle bead & plaster stop bead machine, and rib mesh lath machine and all kinds of levelers and flatteners, etc.

At the same time, it also provides customers with the requirements of turn-key solution. The entire production line machinery can be designed and planned from the beginning to the end, and carefully tested. If the customer chooses the JUNEN product, the entire production line system can begin to operate.

Because of the many years of experience accumulated in the production of various metal mesh for a long time, JUNEN can give feedback to the production line and always produce the best quality machine to meet the various requirements of customers all around the world. All mechanical products are easy to operate, Features of low maintenance cost and highest production efficiency.

Especially in recent years, JUNEN machines have been successfully sold to advanced industrial markets such as the USA, Japan, Australia and the European Union.

Expanded Metal Mesh Machine
Expanded Metal Machine

Perforated Metal Machine, Sheet Metal Perforating Machine
Perforated Metal Machine

Structural Mesh Machine
Structural Mesh Machine

Auxiliary Equipment for Wire Mesh Making Machine
Auxiliary Equipment