Barbed Wire

JUNEN barbed wire is an excellent blocking device. It is the most common blocking material, such as various types of fences, orchards, outdoor land, parking lots, public buildings or private houses, etc., designed to prevent vandals and unauthorized intruders from entering the site.

If you want to prevent people from passing to protect your safety or property, razor wire is a good choice. If you want to restrain cattle or other livestock and protect them from harm, barbed wire fencing is the best choice.

These two products can be used independently to create effective barriers to fencing, but more often they are combined with various fencing products, such as chain link fence, welded wire mesh fence or palisade fence for high-level security barrier. Razor wire and barbed wire on top of the chain link fence are the most commonly used combinations.

Mesh Specifications
  • Material: Stainless Steel, galvanized
  • Application range: Security guards, security facilities, pedestrian barriers, railings, blocking of confidential facilities, fences... etc.
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