Wire Mesh Grid

Mesh grid, also known as wire cloth or wire fabric, is a versatile metal mesh product that can be used effectively in countless applications globally. Popular uses for wire mesh include stainless steel wire mesh for filters, steel wire mesh for partitions, and PVC wire mesh for machine guards. From industrial to commercial applications, wire mesh is a common metal product that is used by many daily. It concludes the Plain weave mesh, crimped mesh, woven mesh and chain link fence mesh.

Plain Weave Sintered Wire Mesh
Plain Weave Sintered Wire Mesh

The plain weave sintered wire mesh is the same as that of weaving cloth, so it has the name of flat woven net. It is a square woven wire mesh and is the most widely used wire mesh in industry. The Plain Woven mesh is the most basic type of weaving. In plain weave, the warp and weft are aligned, so they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Each one goes through one, and then through the next one.

Crimped Woven Wire Mesh
Crimped Mesh

The Crimped Mesh has good rust resistance and durability.

Crimped Mesh are widely used in industry and construction, for sieving grain powder, filtering liquids and gases, and for other purposes, such as safety protection devices on machinery housings. In addition, it is widely used to replace wooden slats to make walls and ceilings.

Woven Wire Screen Mesh
Screen Mesh

Screen mesh have the ultimate of light transmission and safety Characteristics, it provides you security and protection,and also bring you the best visual effects.