C-Type Perforated Metal Machine

JUNEN manufactures different types of perforated metal machines. Through continuous improvements to the feeding mechanism and punching moulds, will our machines be able to meet your needs for different perforation patterns and perforated metal applications. We are always happy to provide technical advices to you.

JEC perforated metal machine has two choices for you: Plano type and C type. Plano type perforated metal machine is best for mass production focusing on high speed, larger capacity with similar mesh pattern requirements. The optional Quick-Die-Change-System enables better performance with lower production costs. C type perforated metal machine is best for various mesh pattern and wild range of thickness requirements. The machine is also equipped with easy-changing punch dies which saves a lot of time on changing the moulds and lots of costs on the moulds.

Applications of Perforated Metal
Audio, Architectural Decoration, Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning, Filtration, Noise control, merchandise displays, walkway/grating.

Machinery Specifications
  • Working Width: 1250 mm ,1550 mm
  • Thickness: M.S/G.I/Aluminium 0.5~6.0 mm
  • Materials for perforating: Mild Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum
  • Speed: 160 s.p.m.

A perforated metal grille is usually mounted in front of the speaker driver to protect the driver element, speaker internals, and other audio components without affecting the sound quality.

Architectural Decoration
Perforated mesh is used in a wide range of architectural applications including interior decoration, building sunscreens, ceiling panels and stair treads/risers. Perforated mesh gives modern design more energy and flexibility.

Perforated metal can be used in filters to support the filter media. It can be processed into many kinds of forms, such as tube, cylinder and sheet.

Noise Control
Perforated mesh is an excellent choice for noise control. They can be located anywhere on walls and ceilings to instantly reduce noise levels and control reverberation to solve the problems that make communication and concentration difficult in many environments.

Machine Video

C-Type Perforated Metal Machine JEC-PS410 (1250mm)
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