Walkway Expanded Metal Mesh

The one-piece solid structure and relatively lightweight quality provide a relatively competitive cost, and are particularly suitable for public security applications in different industrial fields, which can not only reduce costs, but also increase the service life of the metal mesh.

JUNEN walkway metal mesh are designed to meet the professional needs of installation and construction, and for extremely demanding project projects, using high-strength and high-tenacity materials to form rhombic shapes, and perforated board nets with the same size and shape rules. It improves the convenience of installation and construction, provides relatively competitive costs, and is widely used in various trails, security defense and construction, industrial security industries and other security protection purposes. Also suitable for solar panel construction, plant roof construction, various public constructions, green buildings, etc.

Mesh Specifications
Item Strand Size (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Open Area
ID No. T W SW LW %
JS-03-14 3 4.5 14.4 38 37.5
JS-03-25 3 3 25 50 76
JS-03-28 3 3 28 61 78.6
JS-45-28 4.5 4.5 28 61 68
JS- 45-46 4.5 4.5 46 101 80.4
JS- 06-46 6 6 46 101 73.9
JS- 08-46 8 8 46 101 65.2

Material: Galvanized steel, Steel, stainless steel.
Applications: Solar panel construction walkway, high-altitude walkway, bridge pier, lookout platform, factory roof construction, various public construction, green building...

Glossary of Expanded Metal Terms

T : Plate Thickness
W : Strand width
SW: Short way dimension of mesh
LW: Long way dimension of mesh

The illustrations show the correct way to designate SW and LW dimensions in relation to the length or width.

【Standard】 【Flatten】

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