XG Expanded Metal Mesh

Complying with the international standards (CNS/JIS/BSI), Junen's XG Type is a quintessential expanded metal and is frequently used in public works worldwide because of its high standard of safety and reliability.

For extremely demanding projects, high-strength and high-toughness materials are used to create high-standard products which are perfect, forming a diamond shape, and perforated plate nets with the same size and shape rules.

The waste material will be generated during the expansion of the production process, saving a lot of material costs. Moreover, the expanded sheet is lighter in weight and stronger in structure than the original sheet.

Mesh Specifications
 JIS Name Strand Size (MM) Mesh Size (MM)   Open Area
ID No. SW  LW   %
XG 11 4.5 7 34 135.4 58
XG 12 6 7 34 135.4 58
XG 13 6 9 34 135.4 47
XG 14 8 9 34 135.4 47 
XG 21 4.5 7 36 101.6 61
XG 22 6 7 36 101.6 61
XG 23 6 9 36 101.6 50
XG 24 8 9 36 101.6 50
  • Material: Galvanized, stainless steel, iron, aluminum.
  • Surface treatment: anode aluminum, powder coating
  • Applications: Walkways, stair treads, platform factories, drainage fences, screening, safety guards, safety facilities, pedestrian barriers, railings, fences...etc.
  • Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized.
  • Scope of application: architectural modeling, outdoor shading, interior decoration, railings, fences, green walls, facades...etc.
Glossary of Expanded Metal Terms

T (Thickness): Plate Thickness
W (Width): Strand width
SW: Short way dimension of mesh
LW: Long way dimension of mesh
XG Expanded Metal Mesh
The illustrations show the correct way to designate SW and LW dimensions in relation to the length or width.

【Standard】 【Flatten】
XG Expanded Metal Mesh (Standard) XG Expanded Metal Mesh (Flatten)

XG Expanded Metal Mesh: Light Weight & Weight Resistance

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