Stroll through the aerial corridor of the Shoushan Zoo to feel the beauty of the Expanded Metal Mesh

This time, JUNEN expanded meatl mesh was applied to the "New Shoushan Zoo" renovation project aimed at improving animal welfare. Recently, it was recognized as an excellent architectural work in the "22nd Public Works Gold Award" by the Engineering Association. With the characteristics of the expanded metal mesh, the use of "transparent lighting and privacy protection" also allows the animals to walk more freely in the exhibition area without feeling the sight of tourists from the perspective of the animals.

Mayor Chen Chi-mai said that the zoo is the starting point of childhood happy memories for many Kaohsiung people. The new Shoushan Zoo upgrade plan not only breaks through the different engineering thinking of the past, but adopts visual transparency, lighting and ventilation.

The total length of the 440 m empty bridge creates a unique view of the garden. In addition to providing tourists with a comfortable environment for visiting the garden, it also creates a lightweight elevated promenade that shuttles over it to provide a unique experience of visiting the garden. Looking at animals from different perspectives provides more diverse and different angles to watch animals, and narrows the distance between humans and animals.
It has become one of the must-see attractions in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan.

Location: Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo

Material: SUS304

Product Size: 1.2T X 1.5W X 8 SW X 20 LW

Application: The aerial corridor fence wall of expanded metal mesh

Shoushan Zoo Information

Address: 350 Wan Shou Road, Gu Shan District, Kaohsiung City

Telephone: (07)521-5187; (07) 551-1443

Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Sunday 09:00~17:00

備註 : 僅提供案例參考 圖片 版權照片來源/邱文傑建築師事務所及AxB 建築工作室