The Lalu Qingdao Hotel

The sister work of the Sun Moon Lake Lalu Hotel in Taiwan is the even more magnificent Qingdao Lalu, built by the original Australian architect Kerry Hill.
The overall building uses only horizontal and vertical lines, as well as rich contrast, and the influence of light and shadow, giving Qingdao Hanbi Tower a unique function.
The exterior of the building is designed with several red square boxes. The red appearance is derived from the metal expansion net of Jiuen. Because it is made of copper, it presents a special color. The overall exterior wall is embellished with copper, and the looming and subtle beauty is woven with metal mesh. The scenery through the copper mesh seems to have been washed over the years, and the charm is particularly long. Reflects the application of metal mesh and aesthetics
*This case is provided by Junen Enterprise Enterprise CORP in China. The case is for reference to interested architects.

Location: Qingdao, China.

Material: Expanded metal mesh is made of copper.

Product Size: 1.45 T X 1.7 W X 7.6 SW X 10 LW (mm)

Application: Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh