Dadong Culture and Arts Center

Kaohsiung Dadong Culture and Arts Center - Wire Conveyor Belt

The layout of this library wall is light and open. It is installed on the 1st floor and the 3rd floor of the entrace inside this bulifing. The wall perpendicular to the entrance is a mixture of Junen conveyor and glass. It demonstrates the versatility of metal wire conveyor Belt . With discussing with the architect, in addition to convenient assembly, it also improves the accuracy of the mesh during installation, improves the quality of the project, saves man-hours, and presents a light-weight, smooth-line wall surface. At the same time to achieve energy-saving effects, reduce indoor temperature and other functions.

It includes solid security/ increases light and shadow interweaving changes/geometry/reducing indoor temperature/improving privacy of public libraries, etc., and also integrates two different materials of metal and glass.