Architectural Metal Mesh

In addition to traditional applications, JUNEN metal mesh can also bring a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality, so that all aspects of the building can be done well.

In addition to blocking and protecting the building exterior wall mesh made by Joy, it can also maintain a good view without the oppressive feeling of the wall, which is its biggest advantage.

The diamond-shaped net with larger holes can be applied to: safety guardrails and building fences, which can protect privacy, reduce direct sunlight, etc., are strong and stable, and have a sense of beauty. The finished product of this project was completed by the Kaohsiung JUNEN company and sent to Taipei for confirmation, and then sent to Changhua for unique spray paint surface treatment. It took a long time for the architect to design and complete this beautiful case.

Commonly the metal is used in building exterior walls, private industry fences, highways, airport security fences, pastures, public facilities fences, etc.